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Xcorps Action Sports TV #47 "BIG-AIR" seg.2- The Xcorps rolls another wild show shooting freestyle FMX action with the Red Bull X Riders at the Del Mar Fair in San Diego along with tow-in off-road skateboard jumping in this super X branded show.
Jason Lazo hosts and reports opening the show up at the Del Mar Fair in San Diego California at an event called the Red Bull Action Sports Expo featuring the Red Bull X Riders
hucking some twisted freestyle Moto X big air moves!
Seems like just a few years ago when we shot Mike Metzger pulling the first back flips on a MX bike! Now the XC cameras are rolling on riders like Lance Coury,Jesse
Jolson,Destin Cantrell and Tommy Clowers †the New Generation X of MX.
Danish rockabilly band Volbeat backs the action with their new video WE delivered by our friends at RIVE.
Jason overviews the action and talks to show organizer and promoter Rob Phillips from Podium Productions who gives some details on the event.

After the break the offroad X sport of mountain or dirt-boarding is featured with video from the longest downhill dirt skate race in the world- Mt.Palomars Nate Harrison 7 mile
downgrade! Check the dust fly behind these dirt skaters pumped by tunes from Subnoize band Mower.
Then its back to Brad Beren and the Hooterville Hooligans showing off their dirtboarding skills at the Del Mar Fair event. See them tow in behind a Rhino Quad hitting the mini
ramps for some fun air right under the Red Bull FMX action! Check out 9 year old Daymein Hertenstein also catching sweet air off the tow in jumps! Nice mix only on Xcorps-
The only show rolling HD at this event!

Then Xcorps introduces to the show a new segment called Sweet Rides which focuses on hot cars and their drivers. Not trailer queen hobby toys but cool cars made to drive the
streets! This week Xcorps host Scott Sommers reports from Encinitas Ca and talks to the owner of a sweet ’69 Camaro with a 454! Look for more Sweet Rides segments in future
Xcorps episodes including a feature on Rat Rods!

The show closes out with another heavy dose of FMX ariel antics c/o The Red Bull X Fighters at the Del Mar Fair. The Hooterville Hooligans roll their own airtime on their
dirtboards pushed by a little more Volbeat music.
Great POV camera shots c/o GO PRO goprocamera.com/
Thanks to RIVE and Suburban NoiZe Records
Go very BIG or Go Home! 9-2009
J.S.Edmondson-creator/executive producer
TrT-29:30 ©2011 TheXcorps

j vimeo.com/22444142

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