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The Stone Tape Theory suggests that common matter and materials can absorb information from living beings, and later replay the recording of something that has already taken place. It is believed that, "In certain cases of hauntings and apparitions, some kind of local imprint, on material structures or places, has been left by some past events occurring to certain persons, who when on Earth, lived or were closely connected with that particular locality; an echo or phantom of these events becoming perceptible to those now living." This could explain repetitious paranormal events like invisible footsteps, whispers, or other reoccurring happenings associated with a location.

Recently, some scientists believe that these phenomena may be more prevalent in areas that house large amounts of water. Several experiments have yielded repeatable results suggesting that water even has a physical “memory.” This possibility fascinates me. The theory has lead me to question my present relationship with different places in my life. I wonder how the past has effected these areas, and how my interactions with them will influence the future.

I was drawn to represent these thoughts and ideas visually. I wanted to produce something that would prompt others to think about and question some of these ideas. I chose to symbolize Barrett’s theory by creating a series of films that reflect the relationship between a particular location’s past and present.

Each clip depicts someone jumping into a body of water. Superimposed over these jumps are other “ghostly” figures walking, talking, and interacting in various ways, all representing the past. Using 8mm film, I was able to double and triple expose these separate shots at different film speeds, allowing the imprinted images to replay slower or faster than the others. The result is meant to represent a shift in reality, and alludes to the ways in which previous events and occurrences can have a lasting effect on a space.

j vimeo.com/36391654

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