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"Hotel" is the first chocolate commercial in Turkey evoking it's secret in the shape of a little brown and pristine diamond. Eti, the turkish manufacturer, derives the chocolate indulgence from this new, diamond-shaped design,boosting the tasting experience to the max.
Director Matthias Zentner devoted himself to this tasting explosions of pleasure. With the freedom of imagination and the surreal moment hotel walls transform in the tasty chocolate bars. Liquid chocolate flows along the corridors, around columns, up the stairs attracted by a woman holding the single piece of the seduction in her hand. Appealing table-top meets passionate and sensual attraction, an energy of forces in a hotel rendezvous.
Liquid chocolate runs along the walls like water filling a dry river bank, attracted by her calling signal, the cracking of the chocolate bar. Our elegant, gracious yet seductive lady, wrapped in warmth and softness of her golden dress and the chocolate tones of the fashionable surroundings, awaits for the liquid sweetness to arrive and meet her diamond of pleasure. The flow triggers the hotel walls and floors to rearrange in the tasty chocolate bars. For this sensation, Zentner decided to go for a location in Istanbul with the most interesting geometrical interior, where the needed design was already predefined. Streaming effortlessly, the dense liquid river reaches the lady and, like drawn by a magnet, gets completely absorbed in one diamond piece of Eti chocolate she is holding. The taste in her mouth is like the explosion of the numerous fountains, an extreme pleasure, winding up in chocolate wings.
Parts of the wall and floor structure was originally re-build in a bigger scale to obtain fantastic and yummy slow-motion liquid chocolate shots on a high-speed camera. The intrigued integration of 3D-liquid-chocolate-flow simulation was obtained with the help of a 3D-scanning of the hotel architecture and the planned mix of CGI chocolate and slow-motion SFX-liquid. Everything needed for the peak of the sensual emotional impact and the action driven chocolate. It's the pure energy of the unknown pleasure in one flow.

CREDITS: client: ETI Sutlu Cikolata; agency: Saatchi and Saatchi Istanbul; creative group: Kerem Kanik, Cenm Akar, Emre Gokdemir, Ozgur Akpinar, Bora Adalı, Oguzhan Dilek; client services: Pinar Dulgerler, Ozge Oncul, Nevra Akın; production: Complete Works; executive producer: Esen Yeşilırmak; producer: Sibel Oguz; production manager: Ziya Sagir; director: Matthias Zentner; DOP: Stefan von Borbely; in-camera chocolate SFX: Alex Gunn; Designer: Mert Kanlibeli; Stylist: Hakan Ozturk; VFX supervisor on set: Leif Petersen; location scanning: Rise FX David Salamon and Andreas Wiged; post: velvet mediendesign Gmbh; producer: Oliver Loessl; lead artist nuke: Lene Hoenigschmid and Christian Reinmann; color-correction flame: Sylvi Roessler; online flame: Tom Tiller; color-correction baseligth: Bianca Rudolph; edit: Jochen Kraus; 3D supervising: Leif Petersen; 3D artistst: Hannes Gerl, Bastian Konradt and Klaus Jaworski; graphic animation: Thomas Wernbacher; sound mix: M-Sound, Munich

j vimeo.com/53074770

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