Self-Realization Fellowship (SRF): Friends of Paramahansa Yogananda and Kriya Yoga meditation

The 7 cerebral-spinal chakras (“wheels” of energy) spoken of by Paramahansa Yoganandji do not lend themselves easily to video. His explanation is just too abstract. For that reason, I go back a few centuries to Sta. Teresa's 7 “mansions.” Her book, The Interior Castle – which describes the home of those mansions (our body), is great for a video presentation.

Santa Teresa de Avila provides an outstanding introduction into the process by which one's consciousness rises up the spine and passes through the seven chakras (glowing "wheels" of energy in the cerebral-spinal system, described in Revelations as seven stars or "churches" - places where we spend a period of time in order to learn lessons as we grow spiritually). That interiorization of the consciousness draws one deep into the soul where one achieves union with Spirit - the source of all consciousness.

Appropriate for her times in the 16th century, she relates her experience of those stages of interiorization by painting verbal images of seven circular "mansions." The images of "mansions" is such a fitting analogy for video that I decided to use her book, The Interior Castle," as the basis for my introduction to the yoga (English: yoke, yoking, or union) aspect of Kriya Yoga. This yoga (yoke/yoking/union) refers to the person's progress in achieving conscious union with Spirit.

Sta. Teresa describes the goal and provides a description of her personal experience of that process. So doing, she provides the what, as in, "What is the goal"? and "What is the process"? Hers is an excellent subjective, phenomenological account.

But how does it work? Please see the next segment on physics.

Error: I implied in the story of Yoganandaji's confrontation with the critic in the library who exclaimed, "How did you know that"? that the library in question might have been the Los Angeles Central Library. Wrong - that event happened in Boston. I apologize for the error.

Back story and explanation:

This an autobiographical video by Larry Dominus Reavis, Ph.D., a Christ-ian yogi.


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