live art, experimental, movement, body

Filmed in April 2007, in Vienna at the MUMOK Yves Klein exhibition 'Die Blaue Revolution'.
This is a short excerpt of the 4:30 minute video piece included on the 'Record Again, 40 years of German video art 2' collection.
Around 2006 we started making tit prints, the reasons were very simply that we were referencing 60's performance art with naked performing and tit prints are just part of it & part of the feminist tradition.
At first we used lipsticks & eyeshadow (these exist as photos that A.L. Steiner took). A few months later we set up a tit print studio in a suite of the NH Hotel Vitoria, Spain. For a exhibition at Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Vitoria.
On a site visit to Vienna to prepare for a performance at Gartenbau kino we were watching documentary material of Yves Klein explaining that at one point he realized he did not want to paint with a brush & that the female body is his extended paintbrush. We had been looking at Carolee Schneemanns work as well & we all know that the female body is a great tool, smirking at the blatant misogyny Francesca Hapsburg made some phone calls allowing us permission to film right before the doors opened for the day.


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