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" I kinda just made up my mind. Like this is it, this is whats it's going to be, this is who I'm going to be, and there's no looking back. ---Danny Abyss"
Unlike most people, Danny Abyss understands his purpose in life. Abyss is a young up and coming tattoo artist from Atlanta, Georgia, US. He firmly believes that his purpose in life is to live HIS life to the fullest. His reasoning comes from a tragic experience while flying back from Japan. A man dies right next to him and he begins to interpret it as a sign or message from God. For Danny, God's message is clear. Live your life, be the best man you can be, and reach your fullest potential in whatever you do! As a result, Danny's belief is reconfirmed thorough the sacrifices he makes to grow as tattoo artist and through the people he encounters. A big THANK YOU to Danny Abyss who took the time to do this interview/portrait. Thanks!


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