Fish, sealife, Oseans

The German guard boat 'V-1605' was in 1937 in
Wesermuende as trawlers with names for the Moselle
 Hans Kunkel lay the keel. The Moselle was 

here is a military equipment and crew and was
in 'M-1903' renamed. She was e.g. to the rescue
the cruiser Lutzow and the relief efforts after
the loss of M-1011 Oslo Fjord 
Task of this unit was to ensure the
Escorts for convoys and merchant vessels and the 

Mosel was here for a large number of
Anti-aircraft guns and depth charges
 At the same time launched 27 aircraft
Type: Beaufighter on 144th and 17 mosquito
Combat aircraft, with orders to attack 
SEE-goals between Denmark and
 afternoon sighted hunting association
the 'Inger Johanne' (Norway 15) in association with the
 and began the attack from the air. The 

'V-1605' (Mosel) said the fire first with their
88mm heavy flak, but was soon also from all 

37mm and 20mm pipes of various anti-aircraft
Machine guns fired.
 Despite opposition
was fueled with kerosene 'Inger Johanne'
within minutes and set on fire 

finally exploded, while the 'Mosel' by
Hit by 20mm shells for boiler and
Trunk area was also severe damages it. 

The Moselle said the fire continued, but as the
Aircraft broke off the attack at 15:37 clock, stood 

them from stem to stern in flames and the Mosel
 The attack killed 21 people on board
the 'V-1605'. 
 The wreck was in the summer of 2001 to
a depth of between 35m and 50m in relatively good
Condition found.
 There is a slight
List to starboard upright on its keel with
Ground and there are still very impressive 
 the various
Anti-aircraft guns and machine guns, and
Various details of the construction, equipping and

 ammunition from the second World War recognizable. 

 The wreck lies in the open sea. It is
recommended the weather conditions before the dive
to consider.
Type: Wreck
Dimension:? 49.73 x 8.14 x 3.75 m. 

Difficulty: Suitable for experienced divers 
 storm: yes 

Depth: 30m-54m


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