Sustainable Human Futures (Vimeo Channel)


Transform Australia in an opportunity to get involved with other Australians who have a vision for an ecologically sustainable future.
Individually, collectively and collaboratively, we will need to focus within our area of interest within the Social System: Community, Business, Government, Media, Academia, and then decide how we can work together to create social, economic, environmental & cultural change toward ecological sustainability.
Australians, like all nations face a range of existing, emerging and abiding issues, challenges & opportunities as we enter a 'climate of change'.
Peak Oil, Global Warming, Energy Security, Waste Evolution, Food Sustainability, Air Quality, Transport Requirements and Water Issues will all demand we adapt, evolve and Transform Australia in ways that will leave a lasting legacy for future generations.
The future will either be created by our action or inaction on these and other issues within the ecological system.
In this brief Introduction, ecological actor, Paul Bishop outlines some of the broad values that members of Transform Australia seek to embody in a spirit of 'collaborative competition' towards a more viable & vibrant society.


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