Mini-Mograph Project

So the story goes, my buddy Jon was looking for a way to spruce up his demo reel. I suggested making several new short animations. I would give him a theme and a motif and he'd have to make a 4-6 second animation involving them somehow. So he asked me for a set the other day and I came up with "thin and orange" as the motif and "fake" as the theme. It turned out to be a slow day at work so I decided to do one of my own. I told some friends about it and they wanted to work on them as well.

This has turned into what I'm calling the "Mini-Mograph" project (obviously inspired heavily by Nick Campbell's "Five Second Projects" dealie, though far less formal. No judging or deadlines. Just messing around and making cool shit). I plan to do one each week.

As I said before -->

Theme: Fake
Motif: Thin & Orange

Software: After Effects CS5
Audio: Hockey - Too Fake (RAC Mix)


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