This cactus blooms over the course of one night and then the flower shrivels up and falls off. This time-lapse was done utilizing the in-camera "HDR painting effect" of my Sony A-77 camera. This mode takes a series of 3 images at a time: 1 underexposed, 1 with proper exposure, and 1 that is overexposed, and combines the images in the camera to give a greater tonal range. I did a custom white-balance and used a single warm fluorescent bulb lighting it from the side. I used a Tamron 17-50 2.8 lens at ISO 125, and an aperture of 9.1. The camera calculates the exposure for the 3 combined images. The images were captured every 15 seconds over the course of 4 hours, using an intervolmeter to trigger the shutter. I put the time-lapse together at 24 frames per second in Quick-Time Pro and rendered the final .mp4 file at 1920x1080 30p in Sony Vegas Pro 11.
Music: William Tell Overture performed by London Philharmonia Orchestra & Alfred Scholz.

j vimeo.com/48657411

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