We woke up early to enjoy every minute and before starting our journey we asked the hotel receptionist about the best places to visit. She informed us with determination that we could not miss the Miradouros (viewpoints) of Cudillero. Such was her conviction that we decided to follow her advice.

After a hearty breakfast we headed up the stairs, that never seemed to end, and took us to increasingly unique places. With the moisture brightening the flowers, and saddened seniors taking refuge in the churches, we took our time to continue exploring.

These Sights lurk delightfully among the small houses that climb the mountain, in a manner so natural and balanced…dwellings with cod drying between windows and felines lurking in the cracks - and yet what dominates is the color, contrasting and yet so perfectly connected. We observe how the orange roofs play with the crystalline, calm, blue sea, embellished with fishing boats and fluttering seagulls.

As we descended brooks followed us down the slope to the central square full of traditional restaurants - then we drank the famous cider that warmed and revitalized us.

In the evening we were accompanied by rain, a comforting dinner and then a well-deserved rest.


Camera: Samsung NX1000

Music: Elephant Gun - Beirut
Edition: Ricardo Martins (
Graphics: Diogo Machado (

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