Accelerating Future

"The personality of entertainment can now be digitized" for this week ending the 24/10/10: Tracking the origins and flow of information and memes, babies believe robots have sentience, the browsers as the final battle for the 'one website' - will Facebook develop their own browser?, and holographic rock stars on lead vocals. Singularity topic concerns the future of music concerts where computer algorithms create and adapt music and visual experiences in real-time, potentially manipulating our emotional states.

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Stories covered this week:
New Search Methods Traces and Tracks Memes, Babies See Robots As Having Sentience, Google Chrome as the Social Layer and a Facebook Browser, Facebook Denies Phone Rumours, But Possibility Still Exists, Bing Integrating Social 'Like' Recommendations From Facebook Friends, Cracking The Facebook Code: The Algorithm Behind Top News, Hologram Lead Rock Star (Video), Wolfram Tones


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