Aerial Photography & Aerial Video

The Alibates area was quarried, by hand, about 1,000 years ago by Plains Villagers. However, the high quality, agatized dolomite, was collected from the area for at least the past 11,000 years prior to that.

Our project involved flying a Swinglet Cam UAV over the project area, some 272 hectares (672.1 acres), to document the heart of the archaeological site. Seven missions were flown of approximately 20 minutes duration each. The entire area was sampled between 2 and 6 cm in resolution making highly detailed orthographic images possible. More importantly, extremely high resolution digital elevation models (DEMs) have been created from the same data. We hope the DEMs will help locate the locations of unknown quarry pits.

The project was done pro bono and all flying activities were well below 400 feet above ground level and within VLOS. The data will be used for scientific study and possibly as part of an exhibit at the Alibates National Monument visitor center. This animation is a first draft.


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