The Garden of Eden (what really happened)
Adam and Eve were enjoying their paradise of bliss. Running around naked, having a cheeky peek. Until one day Eve decided to talk to a malicious snake.. ‘What up Eve?’ The snake hissed. ‘Nothing, just being naked’ Eve answered aloof.‘You know Eve, you could throw a wicked party in this garden here’. Eve’s eyes widened and looked straight at the snake.‘What do you mean a wicked party?’ The snake rattled its tail and hissed louder: ‘fly a few of them DJs in, order some kegs of beer and have yourself a little Eden festival’. ‘The old man will never let me do that!’ Eve sputtered. ‘Sure he will! Just have a wee bite of the apple from that tree over there…’

Want to know the end to this biblical tale? Experience the uncensored version of the Garden of Eden at the next edition of Next Monday's Hangover.


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