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The very last runs of the casterchair. Since autumn 2011, the casterchair has been AKCF's main holdout for the winter. Now that spring has grown in and summer peaks over the hedge, it's time to take the casterboards back out to the canyons once again! Just after the last run, we were informed by the local police that casterchairing does not qualify for the newly passed lawcode of downhill skating standards, and we are no longer supposed to do so on public roads. Nevertheless, we still have the fireroad to call home.

/ / P R O D U C T I O N _ T E A M ↓
Alex Gustis
Paul Salomon

/ / S O U N D T R A C K ↓
Nocturnal _ Carved Our Names In Snow © 2011 Carved Our Names In Snow
Untitled _ A Day In Black And White © 2006 React With Protest
I'm Sorry Things Are Just a Little Hard Right Now _ DEERS! © 2008 One.Two.Three...Not It!

j vimeo.com/40799586

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