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Alas, a new breed of EPIC SESH has arisen! Born from the dust of what collapsed plans left for what was going to be EPIC SESH 10, AKCF brings you EPIC SESH 9½! For the first time, AKCF Productions has used Adobe Premiere Pro to edit, asides from Motion titles which used Final Cut Pro to insert for much more efficient native support. Along the trails of ES3, ES6, ES8, and ES8½, and bordering on those of ES7 and ES9, the two man crew, empty of their companion Arron for the day, strive to get across the wilderness, but as daylight recedes and energy nears exhaustion, attempting to complete their plans even with two men is just a shot out of reach. Nevertheless, the rush to arrive at what ended up being nowhere is transferred to an EPIC SESH with so much energy poured into it, you'll need this disclaimer in case arcs of sheer electricity shoot out of your monitor!

/ / P R O D U C T I O N _ T E A M ↓
Alex Gustis
Paul Salomon

/ / S O U N D T R A C K ↓
Acknowledge The Rage _ 1994! © 2010 Inkblot Records / Square Of Opposition Records
The Universe Had Expanded So Enormously _ I Would Set Myself On Fire For You © 2003 Stickfigure Records

j vimeo.com/43710779

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