(Note For Some Reason Vimeo Kept Adding Video After the Timelapse was over)

As I left work i noticed some high wispy clouds and thought they held a little potential for a interesting sunset. Living in Arizona your always on the look out for clouds. My issues was the sunsetting and the time to drive home and quickly change, grab gear and get to some vantage point left me with the blow it off or go for it decision.

I decided to go for it and only huffed and puffed up a partial way up Lone Mountain which is right by my house. I didn't have long so I decided to try a 5 exposure HDR timelapse as it was something I have never done. I only wish I had more time to make a longer lapse as the sunset was very nice and the 5 exposure was giving me some results.

j vimeo.com/59795886

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