Here for the official YouTube 1080p version: youtube.com/watch?v=OWVGDBeR42I

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This is a short film based on the events of Edward Joseph Snowden, a former CIA and NSA employee who leaked a top secret mass surveillance programme from the US and UK.

We have never met or been in contact with Edward Joseph Snowden.

We are a band of independent and amateur filmmakers in Hong Kong who were both excited and puzzled as to why Snowden chose to come to Hong Kong. While nearly every media outlet wanted to get their hands on him, we decided to produce a short fictional video to depict his experience in HK, and how it would have affected certain parties: Namely, the CIA contingent based in HK who would be tasked to find Snowden. The Hong Kong Police who would be stuck in between the US and China. And the journalists who want to get the scoop.

The idea was hatched two days after he revealed his identity, and principal filming began on June 20th.
We were also filming on the same day (23rd) when we learned Snowden had left the city. Therefore we ramped up production efforts and published our short film 'Verax' on the 25th. 'Verax' was the alias Snowden used when contacting journalists via encrypted chat services, and means truth-teller in Latin.
I myself loved the idea of having Snowden here and the media frenzy it created. I really wanted to make a film based on such real-life news events, especially as it continues to develop. I also wanted to put something out there that is contrary and alternative to what we see in the mainstream media. With the technology we have today, filmmakers can really produce work at ridiculous speed. This project really tested our mettle especially when most of us had day jobs.

I myself highly respect Snowden for doing what he did, and the immense dangers and hardship he put himself through. I wouldn't call him a hero or a traitor (especially since I'm not American) just yet as his story is still continuing. Last update I heard here was that he did not board his supposed flight to Cuba and therefore is likely still in Russia. I was dismayed by his departure - not only because we were making this film - but because he seemed to have faith in our rule of law and I also wanted to see how our HK government would continue to fare due to all this pressure from the US.

To reiterate, we made this for fun and for the love of filmmaking. We had no commercial or political motives.

Directed and produced by
Jeff Floro (Junk Shot: junkshot.org)
Edwin Lee (Fallout Media: falloutmediahk.com)
Shawn Tse (Junk Shot)
Marcus Tsui (Immortal Peach: immortalpeach.com)

Associate producer
Cassandra Chan (Slate Takes: slatetakes.com)

Written by
Edwin Lee
Marcus Tsui

Directors of Photography
Edwin Lee
Jeff Floro

Edited by
Edwin Lee

Andrew Cromeek as Edward Snowden
Guo Aibing as Wu Xingwei
Edwin Chin as Security Wing officer Tsang Tak-long
Thomas Easterling as HK CIA Station Chief Carl Hamilton
Justin Lau as Security Wing officer Vincent Lee
Shi Yi Ng as Lecia Lau
Gabe Ostley as CIA Analyst Owen Fielding
Robert Hinson as HK CIA Operations Manager
Cindy Wong as Security Wing officer Vanessa Wu
Simon Zeng Hao as Ministry of State Security attaché

Music composed by
Gareth Coker (audiojungle)
Thomas Vo (audiojungle)

Special thanks
Christine Jagolino
Diane To

Geek talk:
Canon 5D Mark II and III
Zeiss 18mm, 28mm, 50mm, 85mm
Edelkrone rigs

j vimeo.com/69049238

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