The second timelapse from the port of Leith, Edinburgh. This time with a bit of post-production tilt 'n' shift to give it that fake model look. I did try using real tilt 'n' shift using the rather fabulous Canon 35m TS-E, but doing it in post gave a lot more flexibility and of course, allows a standard TL to be produced.

There are around 1100 photo's in total.

Camera : Canon 5DII fitted with a 24-105L triggered by a Hahnel Giga-T Pro Remote timer.
All shots taken as sRaw then processed in Lightroom 4 before exporting to 1080 cropped .jpgs
The time lapse was constructed by pulling the sequence into MPEG Streamclip and exporting as a 1080P/25FPS ProRes LT quicktime file.

Final post production, titles and soundtrack were done in my trial version of FCP-X* and exported at a streaming friendly bitrate of 5000Kbs.

*Still wedded to FCP-7 for most projects, but trying to come to terms with FCP-X because it's 64bit and very quick! Still not convinced though yet...But it's growing on me.

j vimeo.com/69650548

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