Artec Pictures Presents: AMP/Artec's Melting Pot

To the inhabitants of a quiet stretch of suburbia, life is simplistic yet flawed. This is no niche of dramatized perfection. From the small, carefree children playing in a yard, to our protagonists, a reclusive old man, these people may lead average lives, but they seem content. Enter a strange faceless salesman, with a very peculiar briefcase. When the residents slowly begin to transform into models of perfection, it's up to our withdrawn old hero to fight his fears while also fighting the temptations of a "perfect life".

Director/Writer: Patrick Gilmore
Cinematographer: Robert Bryce Milburn
Producers: Tia Herrod, Hanna James
Edited by: Patrick Gilmore
Composer/Sound Supervisor: David Kramer

-Filmed on the T2i, 5D, and 7D
-Edited in Final Cut


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