These animations were created for the launch of the "Let Us Kiss". The online brand dedicates itself to more than just getting people to communicate with each other, even-though it does just that in a much more visually attractive and intelligently orchestrated manner.

By working with the brand's Creative Directors Rodrigo Butori and Kristina Slade I directed a series of animations that users can send to each other along with a custom message. Each animation is completely unique as we've used a variety of techniques ranging from plain stop motion to complex 3D graphics.

The brand's online presence will gradually evolve into many interactive circuits, which currently include Facebook, My Space and others. We will likely continue to collaborate with them on other animations so please check back later for more.

My long-time collaborator, Darrin Wiener, created all of the music tracks and sound effects for the different animations. Additional credits include illustrations by Linn Olofsdotter for the "Peacock" & "Mushroom" animations.


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