3D/2D Animation

A voiceover animation done in MEDIABASICS.21 at University of Applied Sciences Potsdam.

Out task was to take an audio line of our choice and create the visual part. I chose a spoof from MADtv in which they make fun of the McCain election campaign in 2008. I wanted to make a rather typographic way of animation for a long time and I thought it would fit well to this audio line.

Here you can see the original video: youtube.com/watch?v=nREIkkhJJBY

The content is divided into two different parts, and therefore I created two different looks for each part. The first one shall resemble the rich and prominent look of the American election campaigns with its strong red, blue & white colors and the powerful font. The second part, where the Vietcong of a POW camp speaks about John McCain, shall resemble the martial jungle of the Vietnam War with the green backdrop, the sketchy font and the splatter brushes.

Maybe you can tell me, whether I succeeded or not, whether the animation fits the audio line or not? :)

j vimeo.com/20291476

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