Arduino Projects

HyperCell&Wall is another presentation of the HyperCell component(). The video and images show the possibility what HyperCell component can be and do. They are still following the same logic as HyperCell 2.0( and HyperWall Generation( Base on the same cubic-shape cell from bottom to up to create diverse results.

This is an ongoing research by HyperBody(, TU Delft.

In this case, we try to design it in a more functional and spatial way. The Wall is not only the wall, furniture is not a piece of furniture, it can transform into seats, shelter, ramp...etc base on the environment, function and the users' needs. Ideally, the component should negotiate with each other and surrounding information to do the adaptation which is the collective decision making and evolutionary computational adaptation we stated here. Each of the component has its own basic intelligence and physical constrain to build up the final project from bottom to up as a intelligent creature.

more info:

Music: Lali Puna - Nin-Com-Pop (Thomas Leboeg Remix)


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