Painting & Sculpture

Mumok, the Museum of Modern Art, is one of several museums located in Vienna's MuseumsQuartier - As is the case for me in many modern art museums and galleries, I feel pretty strongly about what I consider good art and bad art. But I have additional categories for evaluation, such as fascinating, puzzling, entertaining, technically impressive, disturbing. However, it's not all about the art objects. It's the art space that plays a key role for perception and enjoyment. And it is the other visitors and the guards in the space that matter. For me, they become part of the art, as this video suggests. There is a threshold beyond which I can't experience the art for lack of space and overcrowding. That's when others become annoying.
Perhaps that's when I should feel just how important the art is that's on display, attracting masses of people who have been convinced by art professionals that you must have seen this exhibition. The art business is like any other business, except the currency is not only dollars but also recognition. And the recognizing is done by professionals who run museums and galleries, and the critics who write about the art. They only know what's good art because they decide what is good art. Don't be fooled out of your own opinion, feelings, and experiences.


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