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Typewriters stopped being manufactured many years ago.
They were mainly used for writing letters, invoices,
manuscripts and other general office duties.

However, they can be used for creating original art.
Typewriter Art is often called 'Concrete Poetry' or visual poetry.

I started to create my typewriter art from the late 1967. I still have two typewriters although they will need oiling before they can be used again. The typewriter used was a Canadian Smith-Corona.

The routes of Concrete poetry started in the Middle Ages when monks used to illuminate their texts. Later on Appolinaire the DADAist was to take it further. Concrete Poetry is the forerunner of Ascii Art. other concrete poets include: - dsh, bob cobbing, John Furnival, ken cox, e.e.cummings, Ian Hamilton Finlay, Peter Finch, Vaclav Havel

Additional videos

typewriter art V(ii)

Typewriter Art slideshow by keitharmstrong

Typewriter Art (Compact Version) by keitharmstrong

and for fun using the Vimeo psychedelic filters

Typewriter Art V


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