artistic social filmmakers

Event Film for MAVA 2012
Directed & Edited with:
Anja Ivekovic-Martinis
and Spyros Gerousis

Under the supervision and technical assistance of:
Andy Lawrence, Chuck Sturtevant and William Brown

Pat's interview we decided to take out from the movie:

" I've been coming here now 50 years. The most famous pub in Manchester, without a doubt. And you get every character of the world in here, from the lads that used to work in the warehouses down there when it was open and the Royal Mail down below when it was open, the local taxi drivers used to come in, the local police officers used to come in... And if you look at the area around here, there's all these modern flats here; I think there's only two people coming from the modern flats here. All the rest come from... Well, he comes from Salford, I come from Withenshawe, which is near the airport, and everybody comes from everywhere, but no local people. That's how much this pub is to me, to people around Manchester. It's unique. You know, they tried to knock it down one time, for the Olympics, when it was gonna... the first time they tried for the Olympics. And the ...?... orchestra came one day, occupied the street and set up the band. And that's the ...?... orchestra in Manchester. Now, where else would you get that?
I mean, this pub was saved so many times from being knocked down. And why should it be knocked down? You know, you get a good pint of beer, sometimes you get a nice landlord on sunday, but, you know, he's not the best of people. But if I come in here and he's nice, I think 'Oh my God, I must be going to hospital, must be bad', but when he's rude to me, it's alright. (laughs) That's Michael. I mean, that's Raymond. Michael's his dad, and Sheila. But it's unique."


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