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This production came into reality when I realized that I always had wanted to shoot a music video on 16mm. When I talked to Nigel Scott (the father of the lead singer of RKO- Wesley Scott) back in July 2008 at a church picnic, I knew I had found the band to make a video with. I shot this video on the seat of my pants through 3 night shoots after work and an evening. We started about 11:30pm after my work and ended up going to 2am for 3 nights. We shot the main scene featured in the video at smith bros foundry on an evening in late august. I thank Christopher Ruffell who's HD footage makes up the majority of the video. All of the HD was shot by Chris and all the 16mm I shot. I was 18 at the time I made this video and discovered just how crazy it was to work with a band, and how unreliable bands can be. All in all though, it was a great experience, and I learned LOTS from it!

Production Dates: August 2008
Produced By: Schoepp Film
Karl Schoepp: Co- Producer, Director, Director of Photography, 16mm Camera Operator.
Additional Credits: Wesley David Scott- Producer, Nigel Scott- Producer, Executive Producer- Christopher Ruffell, HD Camera Operator- Christopher Ruffell, Set Electrician/ Assistant- Jordan Mikkers, Transfer Facility- Technicolor Creative Services Vancouver, Black and White/ 7205 Colorist- Dave Wilkinson (TCS Vancouver), Smith Bros Sequence Colorist- Christopher Ruffell, Editor- Christopher Ruffell (under the guidance of Karl Schoepp), Special Thanks- Sven Johansson/ Smith Bros Foundry.

1. 16mm 1.78 - Kodak 7219, 7218, 7205, 7231 (cropped 4:3 regular 16mm). The film was processed, prepped, transfered to HDCAM, and encoded at Technicolor Creative Services, Vancouver, BC, Canada.
2. HD 4:2:2 1920x1080 true 24p uncompressed with added grain to match the 16mm footage

Cameras: Schoepp Film 16mm "Serenity", Bolex RX-5, and the "Ruffell Rig" HD Uncompressed 4:2:2 camera.

Tell me what you think, and ask any questions you have!


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