Art Video Film - The Global Laboratory

A group of friends seen in the Segmat invitation for the new film by Lars Von Trier (2012), an excellent excuse to carry out this film, because the origin has to do with this announcement and the idea of creation.

The story unfolds through the creator's conflict with his work, which is developed in dialogue and in a story that is not determined by linear time, which ends up trapped by his ego and his need to create. His muse and his alter-ego, play fun and reflect with the author what is inspiration and what is it what is its purpose?. After all, the work is that which transcends, as the finish, which the author decides to no longer important for all, for anyone.

Three contemporary world of imaginary characters who seek refuge in the images, and the absurd of globalization and its discourse.

Thanks Lars began as a mere pretext and ended up being a cynical film.


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