Art Video Film - The Global Laboratory

Release : March/19/2014 Digital Preorder ( )

We are proud to present a short video clip showing parts of the two tracks "Maybe" and "Spirit Of The Forest" which you will find on our compilation. For our next album in 2014, you can expect an entire album featuring both of these artists from Mad-hop records. Please support us on this project, spread the word and repost. Donations highly appreciated.

Myamo's laid-back and sexy "Maybe." City lights blur as the camera pans by prostitutes working their posts behind windows in what appears to be a European Red Light District. Shots of another girl laying on her back, laughing flirtatiously and hands plucking marijuana buds slip and and out.

Ganju's half of the video, featuring "Spirit of the Forest," juxtaposes these images with some nature shots. We take a surreal trip into the forest sliced occasionally by streaks of video taken from other, similar shots.

DOP: Piotrek Klubicki

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