Art with vinyl

BFA Thesis Exhibition, March 25-29, 2013

This body of work began with a song about sediments. I have been captivated by earth processes my entire life, so it is of little surprise that, for me, stacks of words are fluidly transposed as layers of stone. I repeat stories to myself and others in order to explain who, exactly, I am. These accumulated vignettes pile up, eventually becoming lithified into a "personal stratigraphy", which is easily and often altered by the metamorphic process of recollection. 

My stories feel inescapably interwoven with specific places, because I organize my life more geographically than chronologically. However, through making this work, I have discovered that the locations in which I feel so embedded only truly exist in my mind. Given the coordinates, you could stand in the spots where I was formed, but even then it wouldn't be precise enough. My experiences are a skin grafted across the factual framework of the land, and only when soldered together does a complete image of my home come into focus. I am attempting to plot out those intersections between empiricism and storytelling, and bring them into a physical existence.

A great deal of inspiration for this work was taken from my interactions with the Columbus Limestone – a middle Devonian layer of stone in which the ripple marks of an ancient sea floor are preserved. It surfaces in a N-S lying strip through the center of Ohio. I first became familiar with it in the creek beds of my grandmother's farm. Since then, my work has been pervaded by components of wave motion.

This piece generates landscapes from the vibrations of my voice. Materials: (My) Spoken Stories, Pressed Vinyl Disc – 7 minute audio track, Turntable, Speakers (Inside Podium), Boss OC-3 Octave Pedal, Galvanized Steel Sheet, 250W Sub Amp, Bass Shakers, Springs, Bolts, 4'x4'x10" Maple Exterior Casing, Sand

----- SINE & COSINE -----
This piece is a to-scale topographic model of the river valley, floodplain, and flanking hills of my home. GPS: (39.314528,-82.950156), X-axis: 14"=1mi, Y-axis: 4"=100'. Materials: Fourteen 1/4" diameter, 10' long hand-bent steel rods, monofilament. **Sea level = 12" above floor.

Video & Editing by Caleb Marhoover


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