Audio for Video

Audio to keyframes experiments.

Beat by me.

WOW, so this video got added to some channels and groups, thanks Andy (And now even more people!). I figured now that its part of some things I should say something more about it then "Audio to keyframes experiments."

It's a beat I made a long time ago, and it's only like 1/8th of the whole thing, it was taking FOREVER to convert all the audio. I used Twitch on the words to get the RGB split effect, along with a displacement map to mess it all up. There's a noise layer behind everything, and that changes in size, but thats probably the only ramdom thing, it turns on and off with the beat, but the scaling is random using Twitch. The grungy stuff that goes on too is some presets I made when I made a video for a Cloverfield conteset, it looks a bit like what happens when you screw up a DV tape, one of the graphics comes on with the bass, and the other more with the trebble, but it's not so obvious. Thanks again for adding it, I'll be doing more interesting audio/video things soon, hopefully with some kind of performance.


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