PAIN . performance

Wounds. Often caused by pain. Other times, only wounded.
Wounds with memories. Wounds. Cure in common.
Cure with ignorance. We heal the alien, not the same. Wounded souls separate meetings for mutual healing.

Search our own self, a self unknown or known. Two artists separated by a wall. Three spaces. Each artist explores his inner pain and shows us his wounds. Action, pain and fear. The wall between the pain of one and the other remains. The artists don't know the pain of each other. Just delve and investigate on his own. In this third space face pains, contradict and argue. Against each other. Once scanned and shown the necessary cure pain. This time, not a cure itself. A cure others. The other artist with his own wounds must heal the artist that is alien. In the space of the encounter. The space of confrontation.

Abel Azcona .
Lili TxT

Video & Audio. Cristhian Garcia


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