Well I ran out of time for the make art now challenge, had some wierd osc dramas which took up my time re-doing the audio properly. So I focussed on making this for vj use, and rigged most of the audio to's progressive trance channel (working sweet!). This morning I thought might as well get this into the group and show everyone where I'm at. It took only a few audio tweaks to get this baby working for Notuvs track 'Fucert'

100% proceedural. 100% made in touch designer. 80% audio driven (Im cheating!!!!).

Base idea:
Four points are animated along a path (imagine a racetrack with bends) - each quite close behind the other.
Audio increases the speed at which the points travel along the path.
The first point is simply a reference point that the head model can 'look at'.
The second point is the head and body. The body has some audio controlled lighting.
The third point I have assigned a circle with 5 points to. Each point is a reference used for the coordinates of the top of each tendril.
The fourth point is a reference point assigned to the second point in each tendril. Some LFO's scale the points and move them back and forward, to give the tendrils theirs swimming motion. The LFO's oscillation speed is controlled by the average sound in the composition.
There are another five points in each tendril, that have some physics applied to them so they are 'pulled along' by the second point in their tendril. Each has a little bit of weight carrying over the velocity of the previous frame to give it a little more momentum.
There is a trigger that drives 'larger' thrusts forward in the composition. I've cheated for this comp and done it manually, simply because I'd need to gate each trigger so that the very close beats don't fire it repeatedly too fast (which makes my jelly go too fast). Wont' take much more to add that in though. Put a delay after the trigger that stops it refiring after x seconds. Initially I had trouble lining the position of the tendril oscillation up with the thrust, as theoretically they would need to pull towards the body and fan out before pushing the jelly forwards. A clever solution that looks nice, is to use an attack trigger, that quickly pushes a variable from 0 to 1, sustaining at 1 for a bit before slowly decaying. Invert this so the push goes from 1 to 0 instead, and multiply the lfo driving the swim (so it scales towards 0 and moves away from the body). This way it doesn't really matter what phase the swim cycle is in ;)

Some audio driving ocean light rays would really have accentuated those beautiful / emotional muffled saxaphone sound nicely.

Either way - here is my progress report. I hope the group enjoys it for what it is currently. Its been interesting diving into touch designer and python. A big learning curve and some frustrating moments and some good moments. Experience is invaluable however.


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