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Submission for Cinema Out of Your Backpack

This is a scene shot for a serial feature, "The Words Left Unsaid".

Experimental serial film - The Words Left Unsaid - Follows Sandra, Ricky, Jill, Chris, Becca, Ryan, John, Sarah, Britney, Sean and MacKenzie as their lives collide and intertwine.

Several stories interweave during three days in Philadelphia. Eleven intertwined characters: A novelist with writers' block and his wife the office power player who looks down on her under-motivated husband. Two producers who are making a play for the success or failure of their business. A screen-writer who moved across the country for love, and the woman who won his heart before they ever met. An actor who can't get respect from her father or her boyfriend. A theater director facing the loss of her lover. A world traveler who finds herself thinking about settling down. A sheltered young woman and the man she can't break herself free from. Everyone finds themselves alone sometimes, even when they're surrounded by people, and at those moments you can find yourself feeling that the city is the biggest place on earth... in the next moment however, you often find you're in a much smaller place than you thought.

The experiment of this project is to reintroduce the concept of a serial to movie houses. We are excited to give our audience the opportunity to come spend an hour with us each weekend, and spend time outside the silver screen getting to know us as well! We will be socializing, facebook connecting, and tweeting about our lives even as the story unfolds every week.

The Words Left Unsaid is a film about examining the small moments that keep us separate and also bring us together. Dealing with the people you should know... Your boyfriend's business partner who is sleeping with your best friend. Your lover's husband, who wrote the book that you've been assigned to make a movie deal out of.

Originally written as a feature film we plan on making this project in to a 12 part serial for theatrical release. Featuring an ensemble cast of 11 main characters and several supporting roles.

Chris Dalbey
Vanessa Gall
Thomas Horsey
Jenyae Jones *
Gina Martino
Peter James Phillips
Matt Priaulx
Sarah P Robinson *
Melissa Anne Smed
Austin Young

* = featured in this scene

Written by: Alex Zinzopoulos
Directed by: James Jackson

Shaëna - Dark Thrill - See My Paradise
available on

Cameras and gear:

Canon 5D MKII
Canon 7D
Canon EOS 85mm 1.2L
Canon EOS 50mm 1.8
Canon EOS 28-200mm 3.5-5.6

Radio Shack 33 - 3021 Microphone


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