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Mats is on his way to play some music in a rehearsal-room.
Suddenly he notices that someone chases him. From this moment everything goes wrong with his live. He's not sure whether he is in a dream or not. But it has something to do with some bad things his father done in the past.

The shown sequence here is the first of three main parts of the entire movie. At the moment we are shooting the second part and I'm working for the completion of the script of the third part.
This is my first film-project and the idea is to increase complexity from part to part. So the second part is a dream sequence which takes place in a forest. The third part will be a flashback which tells the story of Mats' father.
We are looking forward to complete the movie at the end of 2011.

CAST: Daniel Böhm, Florian Beyer, Florian Ricken, Ramona Pöpping, Gabriela Grund-Bert

CREW: Marcus Grund, Sandra Liesen, Gabriela Grund-Bert, Felix Guth

Canon 550D
Canon 50mm 1.8
Canon 18-55mm Kit
Canon 35-80mm
Sennheiser MKE400
Velbon DV-7000 tripod


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