Beautiful Asia

Hello everybody !!!

Let me introduce you to Ananda Balayogi Bhavanani, a beautiful artist in all senses of the word.

Here you will get only a tiny glimpse of the art he shares, in this song that he is performing with his Mridungum (South Indian percussion) Master, Sri Dindigul Ramamurthy, one of the senior-most artists of Pondicherry, at Sri Kambliswami Madam in Pondicherry, South India during the night of Mahashivaraatri 2010.

Sri Kambliswami Madam is where the Gurus of his Yoga lineage including his father, Swami Gitananda, have their Samadhi. It is a special place ... and it is the place where I feel that Ananda's music always unfolds in the most beautiful way.

He is an artist who links his audience to the spiritual through his art ... and whose art is also a way of building bonds and bridges between people, his masters, fellow artists, students and audiences.

This song, Azhagiya Kobhakari in Raga Saranga and Misrachappu Tala, is his own composition. In it, the hero describes his feelings for his beloved who is a beautiful yet hot tempered lady.

"She speaks through her eyes and my dreams grow. When she holds my hands my heart is in bliss. With love she found a permanent place in my heart that was fearful of affection. My living and falling are now in her hands for I have realized that all life is an illusion."

Unfortunately, I am not an artist ... but Ananda is definitely one artist inspiring me to be one at my own level in order to share beauty and good inspirations !!!

Beautiful artistic inspirations to all of you !!!




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