Beautiful Asia

Hello everybody !!!

Tonight was show time in Wudang Shan.

Every thursday, we have our day off. So usually I spend the day in the mountains of Wudang Shan, visiting the temples, enjoying the landscapes and refilling my energies with the wonderful Qi of the place.

Lately, I saw these ads in town "Wudang Taichi Show. Visit Wudang Fairyland in Daytime. Enjoy Taichi Charm at Night."

I thought, "I have to go and see that". Indeed, I felt it could be a good inspiration for my Martial Arts practice here. Indeed, there is lots of mystery and magic in these arts, isn't it ?? I like to put them in the broader horizon, which links us to our mythical horizon.

Sometimes people here ask me, why I came to study the Wuadang Martial arts ... well, usually I answer: "because I want to learn how to fly." Then people usually give me a strange look and tell me it's not possible ...

Well, I have seen the movies and heard the stories of the masters flying with their swords ... and I am diligently practicing my Wudang Taiji Jian (Sword) form in order to get my "pilot license" one day ;-)

Anyway, I convinced my friends, and so we went. It was indeed a magical and inspiring evening ... and it did not really contribute much to making me more realistic :-)

Enjoy and lots of good magical and mythical energies and inspirations from Wudang to all of you :-)


PS: If you liked the show, you may also want to check out my related video, "Magic Wudang Prequel".



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