Beautiful Asia

Hello everybody !!!

Today was a beautiful and memorable day.

It was the last day of my four months' stay in Wudang Shan. The day before yesterday, a friend of mine translated all the folk tales of the life of Zhang Sanfeng, the creator of the Wudang internal martial arts, to me. This put me into the right frame of mind for my last two days that I spent on the mountain.

To conclude my stay here, I wanted to witness the sunrise and to meditate at the Golden Summit. I also wanted to make some offerings to Emperor Zhen Wu, the protective immortal of Wudang Shan, and to Zhang Sanfeng, the creator of the Wudang internal martial arts at the Purple Heaven Temple.

Except these things I really wanted to do, my programme was quite open. And it kept on changing. Finally, after a day on the mountain with a friend, I stayed in Nanyan, a station further down from the top, yesterday. I did a beautiful meditation in a cave there before going to sleep. And I decided to walk up to the summit at 3 a.m. in order to reach there for sunrise. I felt it would be a nice pilgrimage to conclude my stay (see my video "Wudang Sunrise").

After witnessing the sunrise and meditating at the Golden Peak, I felt it was time to walk down again and to go to the Purple Heaven Temple in order to make my offerings to Zhen Wu and to Zhang Sanfeng.

What a treat !!! When I reached the temple, preparations were going on for the Wudang Martial Arts performance that you can enjoy in this video.

Wudang Martial Arts are very famous in China. They are deeply rooted in Daoist culture and are known as internal martial arts, relying for their practice on the internal cultivation of mind and energy in relationship to the body. Taiji Quan is maybe the most famous of the internal martial arts in the world. It is said to have its origin in Wudang where it was discovered by Zhang Sanfeng watching the fight of a crane (or an eagle) and a snake.

Wudang Martial Arts share their prestige with the Shaolin martial arts that are considered to be more external and that are rooted in the Chinese Buddhist tradition. It is said in China that "the North has Shaolin while the South has Wudang."

How lucky I was, that on my very last day here, I could witness this demonstration in the Purple Heaven Temple.

When the demonstration was over, there was a beautiful Daoist ceremony in the temple. How lucky I was - I would never have expected to be able to make my offerings in such an extraordinary setting. I could not film the Daoist ceremony as filming is not allowed in the temple hall. But this made me enjoy it even more, as I could be completely there :-)

Thank you :-)

A lot of beautiful Wudang inspirations and of good Qi from Wudang to all of you :-)


PS: the songs are in order of appearance "The Great Ultimate Originated in Great Wudang" by Wang Hongwei, "Wudang in Heart" by Lu Jihong and "Good Dream Surrounding the Magic Mountain" by Zhang Ye.



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