Iphone Film and Video Group

This is a movie trailer for the new single " The Right Way ", for Ronnie Crenshaw (aka) Bro Ron. This is part one of two that will be coming soon.
All footage shot with the Canon T2i
Edited with FCPX
Music by: Ronnie Crenshaw (aka) Bro Ron
This production was shot with no budget, no script, Bro Ron and I talked about the direction, set a date and went for it. This is my first music video so I feel pretty good about the outcome.

The next shoot and the final chapter for this song will be about the husband and wife fighting when Bro Ron received the call. He go to meet the couple to find them fighting, this is when he share his message with them, to let them know that the path that they are on is distraction. Bro Ron convince them to let the lord lead them.

j vimeo.com/59812269

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