Behind the Scenes

In a world where light is your only protection, a young woman must do everything she can to be reconciled with the ones she's wronged before night descends and the terrible creatures of darkness come to claim her.

"Lost in the Dark" was written in 6 days by Chris W. Bailey & Dana Marie Newell, during the pre-production phase of the film. It was then filmed and edited, complete with soundtrack and sound design, in only 168hours.

This is a montage of the fun we had behind the scenes.

Written & Directed by: Christopher W. Bailey
Written & Produced by: Dana Marie Newell
Staring: Dana Marie, Dean Kirkright & Sarah Walton
Cinematographer: Ty Tuin
Edited by: Christopher W. Bailey
Sound Design: Nayomi Pattuwage
Orignal Score by: Daniel Saban

Montage edited by: Karl Birchley
Music track: "In Between" by Bodies of Wonderland


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