Your Best Video of the Year

Shot on the Sony FS700

"This event has nothing to do with the Hindu festival Holi, which is why that word is not mentioned anywhere in the video or the event's poster. This event is not a religious festival and was merely inspired by one. I know it's tempting to make the connection between the two because of the powder, so think of this just as you would, a normal music festival, but with the addition of coloured powder. Thank you."
- Yash

This is a short event film I shot and edited, entitled Unity. I named it unity because unlike other events, everyone is encouraged to interact with each other, especially if it's just throwing coloured powder, and this video is about showcasing that oneness.

After every DJ or performer, there was a countdown to a unified throw of magnificent colours. In that moment, we felt, we loved, we danced.

We may have entered with our differences, but we all left looking like a true rainbow nation.

Shot with a Sony FS700 and 3 lenses in about 2 hours.

Please support the artists who allowed free usage of their awesome song:
Music: Drangs 'n Bangs, proudly made by Durban producers Sheen Skaiz & Plastic Shadows, produced by Sketchy Bongo

Until the next one!



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