The Story Beyond The Still

This short was a collaborative effort between my good friend Zack Florance and myself. We both wrote, produced, shot, directed and edited this film. I got to submit it in my name because I won the coin flip last night at about 3 in the morning when we were working feverishly to get it done... lucky tails never fails.

I want to thank my awesome friends James Laginess, Chris Mattson, Steve Bonamy, and Catherine Callahan who stuck in there till 5:30am Saturday morning for the long 6 hour shoot that started at about 11pm this past Friday night. The night consisted of malfunctioning equipment, french bread pizzas, beer, and cats running around our feet the whole time we were shooting indoors. My friend Tom Danko also really came through for us on Saturday night by giving up 4 hours of his time to play his role in the film, even while having issues with his contacts he did a great job. If this all sounds like it was a rush job it's because it was. We both must have read the rules wrong and thought that we had until May 17th to get the whole thing done. Well Thursday the 29th we noticed the contest page was reminding us to have our submissions in by the 3rd. I without hesitation assured him we would get this film done and have it uploaded to the contest page before the deadline. Let's just say fate was smiling on us and neither one of us had anything more urgent going on this weekend, which is unusual for the both of us.

Zack and I are both very passionate about the production process. We love taking whatever inspiration we can and creating a piece of art. So this contest was a no brainer for us. He recently picked up a Canon t2i, which is what the whole thing was shot with, told me about the contest and I was on board from the beginning. Not really considering ourselves much of writers we worked hard to come up with a script that made sense and connected with the past three chapters. We tried to progress the story in a logical way without giving up too much information and while maintaing suspense. It was a lot of fun working on this project and hope that you all enjoy watching it as much as we did creating it.

Producer, Director, Writer, and Editor: Zack Florance and Sean Cook

The Cabbie: Tom Danko
Man A: James Laginess
Man B: Steve Bonamy
Security Guard: Chris Mattson
The Boss: Skippy Tokarski
Production Assistant: Catherine Callahan
Concept Advisor: Gina Rea

A very special thanks to Gino Rea, Brian Grant and Katie Fone for allowing us to shoot in their homes. The film couldn't have been made without your willingness to help.

Thanks for watching!!

P.S. Our film is Chapter Four of the Beyond The Still contest. To see the previous three films that lead up to our story follow these links:

Chap 1: The Cabbie -
Chap 2: Job Security -
Chap 3: The Beach -


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