The Story Beyond The Still

The questions to who the characters are, why they are who they are, who sent the trunk, are answered. Bringing the story back to the birth of the little girl, in which the father was not a part of. Following the chase of the father getting his daughter back. The father will go out of his way to get to his daughter. Once the mother is out of the way the hunt for the step father is on!

Directed by: Dallas Currie
Written by: Dallas Currie

Father-Croy Boudreau
Mother-Hannah Miller
Step Father-Ian MacDonell
Doctor-Sam Spafford
Nurse 1-Camille Lizama
Nurse 2-Emily Seymour-Anderson
Operation Actor 1-Nicholas Sadler
Actor 2-Alexis Pennie
Actor 3-Peter Oberly
Actor 4-Aiden Teasley
Actor 5-Joah Colby Milbrath
Actor 6-Kirian Stone

Shot on Canon 7D w/ Canon 50mm 1.8, Canon 18-55mm

Special thanks

Dave Currie
Julie Comine
Sabrina Osman
Christina P-B
Maize Diffley
The Guth Famo
And everyone and anyone I forgot!

Everyone has been so helpful through these filming processes, so I just want to thank everyone involved!


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