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This article is about the meal.
Not to be confused with Supper.

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Common meals
Breakfast · Brunch · Lunch · Tea · Dinner · Supper
Components & courses
Amuse-bouche · Appetizer · Cheese · Cocktails · Dessert · Drink · Entrée · Entremet · Fruit · Main course · Nuts · Salad · Side dish
Related concepts
Banquet · Buffet · Cuisine · Eating · Etiquette · Food · Global cuisines · Outline of cuisines · Snack

A formal American dinner setting

Dinner is usually the name of the main meal of the day. Depending upon culture, dinner may be the second, third or fourth meal of the day.[1][2] Originally, though, it referred to the first meal of the day,[citation needed] eaten around noon, and is still occasionally used for a noontime meal, if it is a large or main meal.


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