A very quick and very rough test of the new BMCC Speedbooster.

We're too busy with paid work to do anything more considered at the moment, sorry. Hopefully this rough test might be of use to some of you. Sorry about the terrible lighting in the kitchen shots, that's just what it looks like :-)

One thing we wanted to test was how sharp the Nikon 50mm is at F1.2. Answer, it's useable if you want a 'dreamy' look. Without the Speedbooster on a Micro Four Thirds sensor (or smaller) it's too soft at F1.2 (it's sharp at F2 though).

With the Speedbooster the Sigma is a really fantastic lens. Also with the Speedbooster and without gives you a great range of focal lengths.

BMCC MFT // Pro Res
800 ASA
BMCC Speedbooster
Sigma 18-35mm F1.8
Nikon 50mm F1.2

Quickly graded in Resolve, decided to keep the log levels more or less and just made some subtle colour adjustments. Sharpening was applied in the 50mm F1.2 shots (.47 in Resolve).

©144 Picture, Sound & Music 2013


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