Blender and Robotics

This video briefly shows my implementation of a virtual AR marker (ArUco) in the MORSE simulator. The implementation of a MORSE actuator receives a POSE message via ROS middleware and applies its rotation and translation (of a "real life" marker). To test this, you can either clone my MORSE repository, or just wait until it makes its way into the MORSE master (recommended). You will also need my ROS_ARUCO node (see below) to move the marker. With a controllable _virtual_ marker at hand, you are now able to export images, i.e., from a virtual MORSE camera and test your tracking algorithms solely based on simulated images because the texture should be easily exchangeable. Moreover, you could do visual servoring based on the the virtual marker and virtual cameras. Therefore, no hardware is needed at all.

MORSE-FORK: (try the main repo first I guess it will be merged soon)


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