Blues Dancers

How Dare You Alexis - Tuned & Perfect

Music by HDYA – Emmett Heart, Gus Real, Casper Motion

Produced by VANDALO

Starring: Vicky Lucato + Livia Maria + Bia Rodriguez

Stressed Bussinesman: Leandro Tick

Dirty cops: Felix Reyes IV + Thiago Meirelles

Directors: Escriche + JP

Art + Vibe: Vicky Lucato

Postproduction + Magic : “Big Time” Marcos de los Santos

2nd Camera Operator: Kleber Paredes

3rd Camera Operator ink scene: Bibi Aires

Production Assist: Tick + Isabela Vogas

Postproduction Coordinator: Josefina Castillo Carrillo

First Cut Editor: Marcos Pastor

Producer + Script + 1st Camera Operator : Escriche

Video Shot in Rio, Brazil.

Postproduced in Ecuador, Brazil & Argentina.

Special thanks to: B.Frank from Albert Hoffman Studio Poland + B.Kuźniak for High Definition Mastering in Studio 333 Germany

Production Special Thanks to: The Band + The Crew + The Talent + Fernando + Plano B + Eric Platenik + Vogas + Pharrá Buarque + Vicky + Livia + Bia + Tick + Felix + Thiago + everyone at the "War" scene! + "the photographers" + Skaters do Flamengo + all those i´m forgettin

Originally born in vimeo.


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