Boston Filmmakers

This is a behind the scenes look at the team that created the music video for Run8Rider's "Thanksgiving Day" (view at

The BTS covers a portion of the long shooting day in Hull, MA that covered most of the narrative portion of the music video, that went through different eras in time. We encourage you to watch the full video (again at to see the credits of all involved in that piece.

On a future NeedCreative Podcast, we will discuss the entire production with its producer, Sean Meehan. What is the NeedCreative Podcast? Read about it and listen from here:

Recorded on the Canon C100 in "Wide DR" mode to a Ninja 2 and then graded. Yeah, don't do that. Wide DR isn't designed to be graded and falls apart with noise when you try to do anything heavy with it. I only recommend shooting in C-Log if you plan on color grading extensively.

Run through the "Filmconvert" filter -


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