Brick City

"Thank you Newark!" what the team over at 45 Halsey Street said. Most people who showed up to celebrate couldn't believe that November 14th 2009 marked just "Year One" for the coffee shop turned lounge, club, hangout, and cozy-movie-night locale.

Now that Halsey Street is seeing even more businesses open up (...there's excitement building about upcoming openings, including a Japanese Restaurant and a Natural Hair Care Salon...), John and Crystal at the Coffee Cave have more than earned their place among people bringing "extra energy" to Halsey Street in 07102.

I got in before 9 so this footage only shows the place "warming up" - but for ten bucks I got wine, a fantastic slice of chocolate cake, and even got my coat protected (they had a mandatory coat check, haha). Not bad at all.

To the Coffee Cave: Congratulations from Glocally Newark!

The Coffee Cave
45 Halsey Street
Newark, NJ 07102


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