Cameras and Medias Tests

There is a difference in doing slo-mo in post vs on-camera. See for yourself! I dropped the speed of a regular video down to 25%. You can see how the overall sharpness suffers when you use smooth slow record on-camera, however the fast motion is really slowed down and you can see every single frame. Slowing down a regular-speed clip in post will retain your overall quality, however the fast motion is blurred out. Thanks for watching!

Based on Durban's slo-mo video presentation:

Music: "MegaTrax Sample R&B#4" by Rex Hermogino

Production Notes:
Shot with Sony CX12 AVCHD, x.v.Color setting, Outdoor wht bal preset, standard speed and Smooth Slow Record feature. Edited with Adobe Premiere Pro CS3. Compressed with QuickTime H.264, 4Mbps, Apple Lossless Audio.


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